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Company Profile – About Us

We at Corvette Chassis Concepts have a combined expertise of over 70 years in the Corvette marketplace. We look forward to servicing your needs and to help you with your projects. In 1962 Raymond Lewis Leicht, Sr. purchased his first 1961 Corvette convertible. Then came a '58 that needed a rear clip in '63. In '64 he got a '57 "Fuelie" and then a wrecked '63 Split-Window. This was the beginning of Lewis Auto Sales in Tullytown, PA. A business that specialized in buying, selling, and repairing Corvette salvage for over 20 years on a full-time basis. Another aspect of the business was Lewis Chassis Works, which developed race car frames and components for the Drag and Road Race Enthusiast. Even after developing other business interests, Ray continued to deal with Corvettes on a part-time basis. Always maintaining a deep desire to keep the mid-year legend alive. Linda Leicht was a professional involved with the medical field since 1988. In 1999, her enthusiasm for Corvettes became more than a hobby. With her husband, they began to buy and sell mid-year project cars to other Corvette enthusiasts. That was the beginning of a business that has provided hundreds of project Corvettes for the hobbyist to enjoy and restore, over the years.

It was a natural transition to get involved in the resto-mod chassis industry, due to the high demand to replace rusted out Corvette chassis. Research began in 2009, and it became evident that there was a need for a replacement chassis and a replacement chassis for the "Original Corvette". Several companies were manufacturing complete bodies that would also require a "New" chassis.

Safety was the First Concern. For our C1/C4 Chassis, we decided to use a 3"x4", box welded tube. The box tube used on the chassis is "A500" structural steel with a.125 wall thickness. All joints, brackets, and attachments to the chassis are "MIG" welded on a dedicated jig table, with permanent fixtures to avoid variance and distortion from one chassis to the next. This process assures the exact replication of the chassis.

The second concern was the handling of the chassis. Exact GM specifications and geometry have been maintained throughout the design of the chassis. Even when components were narrowed or modified, they were kept to the GM technical standards.

The third concern was the ride of the chassis. It was decided to develop the chassis so it could use an "original" style, front and rear transverse fiberglass spring, or have the option to install aftermarket coil-over shocks and springs.

Our last concern was for the durability and appearance of the chassis. For this, we decided to use a "Five-Step" process. All of the welds on the chassis are "box sealed" so that there is no standing water on the inside of the Chassis. After fabrication, the chassis is media blasted to remove any foreign material used in the construction process. The next step is a chemical wash and prep to further ensure proper adhesion of the powder coat. A powder coat primer is then applied to the chassis and oven-baked. The final step in the process is to apply a gloss black "UV" protected powder coat and again put it through the baking process.

After several prototypes, we settled on a design that would accomplish our goals for the chassis. That was the start of Corvette Chassis Concepts, Inc. in 2009. Corvette Chassis Concepts C1/C4 Chassis #7 was displayed at the Olde Towne (Kissimmee, FL) NCRS Swap Meet in January 2010. The response was overwhelming. Since then, our C1/C4 chassis has been well accepted. Our new C2 & C3 Chassis with C4 & C7(2019) components was introduced in 2014 and has also been a great success to improve the ride and handling. The rest is history!


Our Corporate Mission

To provide the best Replacement Chassis available, and to help Corvette Enthusiasts with their questions.


Our Personal Mission

To represent Our LORD, JESUS CHRIST in a manner that will bring Praise and Honor to Him, by treating our "Friends" and Customers with honesty and Integrity. The way we walk should be an example of what we say. Psalms 51:10

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