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About Us


Here at "the new" Chassis Concepts, we are striving to bring you the absolute best product we possibly can. We have been innovating, improving and updating since opeing our "garage doors" in 2023. Check out our story below!

Our Story

Beginning January 2023, the “The Vette Shop” officially purchased “Corvette Chassis Concepts”

from Ray Leicht. Sean Farrell is the 30-year owner of The Vette Shop, a 20,000 sq ft restoration

and service facility where projects are completed ranging from original 

restorations to custom resto-mod builds. Over the last 10 years the shop had seen a large shift from "nut and bolt, numbers matching" restorations to the resto-mod builds. The Vette Shop was feeling the effects of the covid supply chain issues. They could not provide their customers with chassis from the big aftermarket frame companies due to extreme delivery lead times. Our solution was to start building our own chassis to supply The Vette Shop and our future customers with quality performance chassis.


Chassis Concepts is now operating out of a 4,000 sq ft building at The Vette Shop where

production of the chassis are being controlled start to finish. We offer a variety of builds

including building your chassis from scratch, assembling the drivetrain, body/paint work, and

provide you with a running and driving resto-mod corvette of your dreams. For those customers

who would prefer to build their own resto-mod with one of our chassis we have the resources to provide you with a great product and the support to help you through the process.

Our main goal is customer support and building a quality product. For this business, it’s imperative to have an example of each model offered at the shop. So, we did just that.  With the help of our lead

fabricator, Rob Wood, we have test fit, changed, and perfected the fit of a C1, C2, and C3

Corvette body on our frames. As Chassis Concepts moves forward, we are working with another

large local company and their state-of-the-art equipment to 3D scan and blueprint all of our

products. Our frames will no longer be set by tape measure and squares alone. We have the

capability to create and re-create exact specifications down to the .001 of an inch. This will

provide a quicker turn around time and near eliminate any human error.

We are looking forward to working with you and we are excited for this pivotal moment for us in

the corvette industry.

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